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Refractive Surgery Department

Refractive surgery and contact correction department

Refractive surgery and corneal pathology department

St. Petersburg branch of the S. Fyodorov "Eye Microsurgery" performed more than 100,000 (!) laser refractive surgeries since 1987, more than 22,000 of which were femtosecond surgeries concerning refractive errors, and more than 18,000 were ReLEx® SMILE surgery.

Refractive surgery departments of St. Petersburg branch are dealing with all kinds of surgical and conservative methods of refractive errors correction, keratoconus treatment, diagnostics using aberrometry and keratotopography, study of cornea and retina diseases and laser coagulation of retina in patients with rhematogenous forms of peripheral retinal dystrophies. Full range of modern laser vision correction methods are performed - PRK, including transepithelial PRK, LASIK with mechanical keratoma, FemtoLASIK, all personalized excimer keratorefractive surgeries with topographic and aberrometric support, refractive femtolaser extraction technology ReLEx® FLEx® FLEx, ReLEx® ® SMILE.

To perform the correction of refractive errors our departments are equipped with the world's best lasers:
- excimer laser SCHWIND Amaris 1050 RS ("SHWIND") with a maximum pulse generation frequency and additional options for crosslinking and keratoplasty;
- femtosecond laser VISUMAX ("Carl Zeiss Medtec") with the possibility to perform FemtoLASIK surgeries using an ultrathin corneal flap, FLEx, SMILE technologies, implantation of intrastromal rings and various types of keratoplasty, and excimer laser MEL 80 (ZEISS).

Classical and “accelerated” cross-linking technologies are performed for keratoconus treatment and cornea strengthening in case of corneal degenerative diseases with a special cross-linking instrument mounted on excimer laser SCHWIND Amaris 1050 RS (“photopolymerization”).

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